Our Speakers

We’re beyond proud to announce the guest speaker and the keynote speaker for our QUEER COMPANY 2 event, to be held in Oxford on Saturday 5 November 2016.

On that day, we will be officially launching our new anthology A CERTAIN PERSUASION, featuring LGBTQIA stories set in or inspired by the Jane Austen ‘verse. Hence it seemed appropriate to include a Regency / Romantic flavour in our offerings.

farah-mendlesohn_234x234Our guest speaker is Farah Mendlesohn, Professor of Literary History and Head of the Department of English and Media at Anglia Ruskin University. Having had – amongst an abundance of other qualifications – a long and active involvement with the sci-fi fan community, we knew Farah would be the ideal guest for us when we learned that she was writing a Regency lesbian novel. Although we haven’t met her yet, we suspect she’s going to fit in well with our rather varied and delightful crowd, and we’re looking forward to welcoming her to The Jam Factory. The title of Farah’s session is “Georgians aren’t Victorians: how to dump everything you thought you knew about nineteenth century morality” – which sounds fascinating, and we suspect will probably be the basis for some very lively discussion afterwards!

KJCharlesOur keynote speaker is K.J. Charles, one of the most respected and beloved writers working in our genre today. She is known for the Society of Gentlemen trilogy (published by the Loveswept imprint of Random House), which is about Regency gentlemen, radical politics, class divide, nice clothes, murder, sordid goings-on at all levels of society, and why you should never trust puce (THIS IS IMPORTANT) – as well as the Charm of Magpies series set in Victorian England, and other wonderful historical, romance and supernatural tales. K.J. will be officially launching A Certain Persuasion for us.

To be frank, we are unbearably excited about all this!

Due to the nature of the Queer Company event, places are strictly limited to a total of 50, and over half of those are taken already – so please do register if you’re interested in attending!

PS. We have borrowed the photo of Farah from the Anglia Ruskin University website, with oodles of respect, and K.J.’s magpie logo from her writerly website, likewise.