We’re not specifically fund-raising at this event – and our planning involves breaking even – but if there is any money left over it will be donated to LGBT charities.¬†We’ll make an announcement about this as soon as we’ve finished crunching our numbers after the event, but feel free to ask about our progress at any time.

The idea behind the name

We’re not sure if it shows or not, but it took us a lot of brainstorming to come up with the name Queer Company. We wanted something as inclusive as possible – ideally to include everyone who identifies as one or more of the ‘quiltbag’ letters (LGBTQIA) or who identifies as an ally thereof.

We hoped that everyone wanting to attend would feel comfortable as ‘Queer’ or as a ‘Companion’, or indeed as both. If we’re wrong about that, please feel free to raise your concerns with us!

What have we missed?

We’ve done our best to give you all the information you’re likely to need in advance, but if there’s anything vital that we’ve missed we hope you’ll ask us, and of course we’ll include any relevant details on this site for others.

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