Registrations have now closed.

Please note that, due to the nature of the event, we can accommodate no more than 50 people attending.

There are three different registration packages available:


This package includes:

  • attendance and participation in programmed items including all refreshments;
  • event booklet and other souvenirs in a delegate’s pack; and
  • a chance to pre-book a pitch slot with one of our participating publishers.


Please note that there is a maximum of three dealer’s tables available. Also, due to the layout of the venue, the tables will be in the break-out area outside the main event space.

This package includes:

  • one free DELEGATE registration as described above;
  • one dealer’s table;
  • opportunity to contribute swag (small, lightweight items only, please) to the delegate’s pack; and
  • one full-page free advertisement (not in colour) in the convention booklet, using your artwork.

We’re happy to announce that Chris Ethan will have a dealer’s table at the event!

Mock up of generic design screen on the table. Workspace in the

As will Manifold Press…!


Since dealers’ tables are strictly limited we are offering this as an alternative, with no table provided.

This package includes:

  • two free DELEGATE registrations as described above;
  • opportunity to contribute swag (small, lightweight items only, please) to the delegate’s pack; and
  • one full-page free advertisement (not in colour) in the convention booklet, using your artwork.

We are delighted to be sponsored by UK Gay Romance!


And by the Clever Baggers!



Tea and coffee will be available mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and a buffet lunch will be set up in the Large Gallery. This is all included in the registration.

The precise details of the food will be settled nearer the time, but staff and management at The Jam Factory are more than happy to adjust the menu to accommodate dietary requirements. If you are vegetarian, diabetic, have allergies or require gluten-free food – or have any other dietary needs we haven’t thought of – please tell us in advance and we’ll pass the information on.


If you cancel your registration before 1 October 2016 we will refund your money in full, less any direct PayPal or other fee.

If you have to cancel after that date we’ll only return 50% – unless we’re able to use your place for someone on the waiting list, in which case you’ll receive a full refund.

Please note: As of 3 November 2016, now that we have fully paid the venue, we are no longer in a position to offer refunds for cancellations. We are willing for you to transfer a paid ticket to someone else, however, if you let us know ahead of time. Thank you for understanding!


In a scheme similar to the one operated by UK Meet, you will have a choice of coloured badges to signify whether you are willing to be photographed or not.

Anyone wanting to record the event for posterity is asked to respect other people’s choices in this.

Dealers’ Tables

Since space is limited, the dealers’ tables will not be large. We can only guarantee dealers approximately 4ft x 2ft (120cm x 60 cm) of table-top and a small amount of floor space around it.

Posters and other items may be (very carefully) attached to the walls and windows with Blu-tak. Please bear in mind, however, that our venue is an Arts Centre, and artwork for sale is also displayed there; this must be treated with appropriate respect.

9 thoughts on “Registration”

  1. Hi

    Warning: I’m probably having a senior moment here.

    I didn’t pick up the details at the UK Meet until late Sunday so didn’t register in person. How do I register now?

    You mention PayPal and I’d love to pay with that, but I can do cheque or card if you prefer.

    1. Hello, Maria! Thank you for your message. I am prey to senior moments myself! So I have tried to make this a bit clearer for all involved.

      In any case: Visit the Register as a Delegate page for details. Pay the early bird fee using PayPal or Fill in the registration form. And you’re done!

      It will be great to see you there. ♥

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