Register as a Delegate

Thank you for your interest in attending Queer Company! Registering is a two-step process:

  • paying the registration fee, and
  • completing the registration form.

Payment of fee

Please pay the registration fee either to using PayPal, or by using using the PayPal.Me link:

The default option is to register as a Delegate.

If you want to register as a Dealer or Sponsor, please adjust the amount accordingly. If you would like to discuss the details with Julie before going ahead, feel free to email her:

Completion of registration form

Now – whether you are a Delegate, Dealer or Sponsor – please complete the registration form which (for technical reasons) is hosted on the Manifold Press website. We tried to make this as straightforward as possible, so please do use the ‘Anything else…?’ field to tell us all the vital stuff we have overlooked.

Importantly, please use the PayPal ID field on the form to enable us to connect your registration with your payment. Your registration cannot be confirmed until we connect the two. Thank you for your understanding.

That link again: The registration form on the Manifold Press website.

3 thoughts on “Register as a Delegate”

  1. Hi, a quick question – turns out a friend (an aspiring writer) will be visiting the UK around the time of the event, is there still a possibility of adding her to the waiting list? Thanks!

    1. Hello, Anna! We still have some places available, so your friend would be very welcome to register now. :-) Looking forward to meeting her!

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